Batyline Aw reveals its acoustic qualities at Aqua-life, Zurich

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  • Aqua-life - Batyline Aw
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Swimming pools are very noisy places with reverberation levels that are harmful to user comfort. Absorbent materials used in swimming pool halls are required to perform under the extreme conditions prevailing in these very damp, overheated, chlorinated volumes.
Batyline Aw takes up these two challenges of acoustic performance and long-term resistance in a demanding environment.
With a life expectancy of more than 20 years, Batyline Aw acoustic membrane represents a sustainable solution: absorbing, on average, 65% of the noise without the need for other absorbent materials such as mineral wool or plastic foam.


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Batyline, Technology dedicated to acoustic solutions and interior design

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Founded on 20 years experience, the Batyline composite membranes have widely proven their acoustic, technical and aesthetic performance characteristics: lightness, flexibility and freedom of shape, structural strength, material and light effects, strength in humid environments, acoustic comfort, durability, environmental quality, recyclability.

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