Précontraint 902 and Batyline Aw: a winning combination!

  • North Harbour Netball
  • Waitakere Netball
  • North Harbour Netball
  • Waitakere Netball
  • North Harbour Netball

Project data

• Architects:
Allan Taylor
Baytex Manufacturing Co Ltd

•Fabrication, installation
Baytex Manufacturing Co Ltd

  • • Serge Ferrari composite membranes
    > Précontraint 902 S2
    > Batyline Aw

  • Two of the largest netball clubs in Auckland entrusted Baytex with the renovation and construction of buildings designed to host competitions in one of New Zealand’s most popular national sports. Baytex selected Serge Ferrari Batyline Aw internal acoustic membranes and Précontraint 902 S2 composite materials for the new building’s external roof.

    The International Netball Federation (INF) has drawn up an extremely demanding general specification for infrastructures hosting national and international netball competitions. Hence, all world championships must be held indoors in halls, which meet stringent criteria.
    These conditions reinforced the wishes of Waitakere Netball to optimise the acoustic comfort of its existing hall and of Netball North Harbour to build an entirely new infrastructure.

    Batyline Aw: optimised acoustic comfort

    With its three indoor courts, Waitakere Netball could hold three matches at the same time, but this was effectively only a potential advantage since the noise created by six spirited teams proved unbearable. Moreover, the existing hall’s reverberation level was so high that the players did not know which referee they should listen to!
    Baytex therefore designed and modelled a Batyline Aw internal roof lining, which was then subjected to a preliminary acoustic study. The computed provisional performance characteristics enabled the project design to be validated and finalised.
    Batyline Aw membrane offers exceptional intrinsic absorption characteristics and highly uniform acoustic behaviour across the entire bass-to-treble range and significantly shorter reverberation time.
    Thin, lightweight, flexible and compact, this membrane could be fitted to the 36.5 x 65 m existing structure without jeopardizing its integrity.
    Norman Disney and Young’s post-installation acoustic study confirmed the Batyline Aw performance, which divided the noise level by five over a wide frequency range. These results were in total agreement with the preliminary study conclusions.

    Précontraint 902 and Batyline Aw membranes at Onewa Arena

    While initially intended to cover the grass courts at Netball North Harbour, the largest netball club on the North Coast, the new infrastructure development developed into a more ambitious project. The club decided to invest in the construction of two indoor courts with suspended floors. Onewa Arena, the 43 x 37 m new facility, was required to meet three priority requirements: to be absolutely waterproof even in extreme climatic conditions, to protect the invaluable parquet floor from condensation and dampness and to guarantee a comfortable acoustic environment.
    The solution designed by Baytex comprises a Précontraint 902 S2 roof and Batyline Aw double internal lining. The building is also connected to an adjacent structure by a Serge Ferrari-patented Air Tension System (ATS) tensioning system.
    Manufactured based on Précontraint patented technology, the 902 S2 membrane offers exceptional structural strength and dimensional stability. Its S2 surface treatment ensures long-term membrane protection from aggressive climatic and pollution effects. Complementing the air gap formed by the double membrane, passive ventilation is ensured by a series of large roof openings that encourage air circulation. It efficiently maintains the desired temperature and humidity in the facility.
    The Batyline Aw membrane installed as a tensioned ceiling effectively complements the above system in acoustic terms.


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