Serge Ferrari optimises “La Voix du Nord” office acoustics

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Project data

• Design, making and installation
BLAS company

  • • Serge Ferrari flexible composite materials
    > Batyline Aw white and mauve
    > Total area: 800 m2

  • Serge Ferrari Batyline Aw composite membrane significantly reduces reverberation time; this flexible material was therefore the natural choice for enhancing the acoustics in the editorial offices of Lille’s La Voix du Nord newspaper and creating a working environment promoting pleasant conditions and quieter exchanges.

    Journalists previously moved around a vast open space, in which the lack of phonic absorbent material (concrete floor and ceiling, plasterboard walls, large glazed areas) generated serious noise pollution.
    To muffle the ambient echo, contractor Blas recommended installation of sound absorption sails made of Batyline Aw composite membrane, whose acoustic performance characteristics are unique for such a thin, lightweight and compact material.

    Preliminary acoustic performance study
    Won over by the aesthetics of the indoor sail solution and wide range of available colours, the newspaper management was also decisively convinced by the results of the acoustic simulation conducted on site: sound mapping of the room and performance calculations of provisional acoustic corrections based on several alternative solutions (tensioned ceiling, baffles, modular screens, sensors).

    In the end, 800 m2 of white and mauve Batyline Aw composite membrane was installed in twenty-two 8.40 x 3.30 m triangular sails, which were tensioned between the building walls and steel columns, thereby avoiding the need for heavy reinforcing components and ensuring easy installation to provide a quiet, design environment.

    Rehabilitation benefits
    • 65% effective acoustic absorption at all frequencies
    • Reverberation time divided by 5
    • Structural flexibility and thinness ensuring discreet, lightweight integration
    • Combination of 2 fresh, stylish colours for a soothing, “Zen” environment.

    Batyline Aw advantages
    • Uniform acoustic absorption of low-to-high pitched sounds
    • Woven aspect embracing 12 colours directly inspired by contemporary architectural trends
    • Customisable by digital printing
    • Thinness, lightness and flexibility: creation of slopes and curves, complex shapes and very large unsupported spans
    • High resistance to deformations (and wall application impacts)
    • Weldable
    • Damp-proof and chlorine resistant (ideal for swimming pools)
    • Washable, easy to clean
    • Insertion of structural components without material deterioration
    • 100% recyclable: life cycle assessment-proven reduction of end-of-life environmental impacts


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    Batyline, Technology dedicated to acoustic solutions and interior design

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    Founded on 20 years experience, the Batyline composite membranes have widely proven their acoustic, technical and aesthetic performance characteristics: lightness, flexibility and freedom of shape, structural strength, material and light effects, strength in humid environments, acoustic comfort, durability, environmental quality, recyclability.

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