Olympique Lyonnais Stadium equiped with the new Précontraint TX30

  • OL-Stadium

Project data

• Client: la Foncière du Montout
• Architect: Populous
Planneur: Intens-Cité
• Making up / Installation: ACS Production

  • • Serge Ferrari materials:
    > Précontraint TX 30
    > Soltis FT
    > Soltis 92

  • Over 30 000 m2 of a new, innovative material, Précontraint TX 30, developed by Serge Ferrari, now forms the flexible roofing on the Stade des Lumières near Lyon, France, due for completion at the end of January 2016.

    A choice backed by Eric Merand – Director of Buildings at Olympique Lyonnais

     “Our choice of the Serge Ferrari Group was based on their undisputed competence, experience and international leadership,” said Eric Merand, Director of Buildings at Olympique Lyonnais, “and we are happy to share the success of the ‘Grand Stade’ with a major player in the expansion and economic development of our region, centred on a project that highlights the region’s know-how and contributes to its economic dynamism.”

    A major innovation: PRECONTRAINT TX30

    PRECONTRAINT TX 30 is the latest generation of flexible composites from Serge Ferrari, developed especially to guarantee a useful life of over 30 years for benchmark project roofing.

    In contrast to conventional technologies, the material is CROSSLINKED using a reticulated process which has to date been used exclusively to produce rigid materials. Its ability to withstand oxidation over the long term ensures that its structural and aesthetic properties remain unimpaired for decades. The development process followed a rigorously innovative path, validated by globally-acknowledged polymer photo-ageing experts.

    Whilst maintaining the benefits of the lightweight, flexible and translucent properties specific to flexible composites, PRECONTRAINT TX 30 also endows lightweight architecture with unsurpassed durability.

    The roofing of the future stadium represented a real challenge. Traditionally, roofing has to be curved to withstand bad weather conditions, such as the weight of snow, gusting winds, etc. However, the Populous architectural approach presented a timeless design of facetted shapes, posing very stringent requirements in terms of tension control. Serge Ferrari’s PRECONTRAINT flexible composite technology therefore played a crucial role in providing the dimensional stability and homogeneity required for the material to follow this rigorous geometry.

    The outcome of a joint effort involving Olympique Lyonnais (OL), Populous, ACS Production and Serge Ferrari, the technical performance of the Stade des Lumières roofing is characterised by an extended warranty of 25 years, as opposed to the usual 20 years, as well as an exclusive maintenance contract between ACS and OL.


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    Products and applications

    Précontraint: High-performance composite membranes for lightweight architecture

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    • Stadium-covers-PRECONTRAINT-
    • Fixed-permanent-buildings-10-620x320
    • Temporary-and-mobile-structures-4-620x320

    The Serge Ferrari Précontraint range is the established reference in terms of durability for structures and buildings featuring fixed or removable membranes.

    Its structural characteristics are complemented by highly effective resistance to dirt and aging resulting from Serge Ferrari's expertise in PVDF-based surface treatments.

    Lightweight and durable, Précontraint composite membranes are also 100% recyclable based on the Serge Ferrari Texyloop® process.

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