Renovation facade for offices in Soltis FT 381

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Apolonio Morales 13 offices were built in the sixties. Its glass facade facing south, without any kind of isolation or solar protection, represented a major problem for thermal and visual comfort. The owners of the building together with AGI architects selected a microclimatic façade instead other options (steel mesh, aluminium louvers) regarding the advantages of microclimatic facades in terms of lightness, solar protection, minimizing of secondary structure, aesthetical, short time for installation...


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Soltis FT: a full range of membranes for micro-climatic facades

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With Soltis, the Serge Ferrari Group offers a range of openwork composite membranes for facades as well as waterproof, breathable membranes.

This range's major innovation is that it embodies a comprehensive technical solution specific to facades.
Composed of Soltis FT facade membranes and Stamisol Color coloured membrane, the range offers multiple finishing options through its scenic usage of light and 3D design.
This solution is attractive because of its relevance, technical performance, reliability and durability. Soltis FT & Stamisol Color combination is the ideal answer to architects' and investors' requirements for modern ventilated facades.

Soltis also offers an extensive selection of membranes for transparent and openwork facades, as well as for under-roof screening.
The cutting edge coating technology of Stamisol breather membranes mean they work just like our skin: they breathe, protect from external aggression, control building humidity and thermal performance.

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