Solar Decathlon Europe 2014

Solar Decathlon 2014: Serge Ferrari partners young architects!

  • Casa Fenix - Soltis 86 © Serge Ferrari
  • Mexico City - Soltis 86 © Serge Ferrari
  • Philéas - Soltis 86 © Serge Ferrari
  • Rhome for Dencity - © Serge Ferrari
  • SymbCity - Soltis FT 381 © Serge Ferrari
  • The Skin - Soltis 99 LowE © Serge Ferrari
  • Your+ - Soltis 86 © Serge Ferrari
  • solar-decathlon-OnTop1

logo solar decathlonFor the third consecutive time, Serge Ferrari, an official Solar Decathlon 2014 partner, commits to supporting architectural students in this prestigious international university competition.
Serge Ferrari accompanies competitors in their action and thinking by providing 7 competing architectural teams with flexible composite materials, thereby contributing to the overall performance of their projects. Prototypes will be on show at the Cité du Soleil in the park of the Château de Versailles between 28th June and 14th July 2014.

Solar Decathlon: Designing tomorrow’s housing
The aim of the competition is to design a solar urban housing embodying eco-responsible architecture that is not only functional and sustainable, but also heated and lit by solar energy. The university competition brings together young engineers and architects from all over the world (20 competing teams, representing 16 countries and 3 continents), who will bring all their imagination and technological know-how to the challenge.

Serge Ferrari: at the heart of the citizen challenge
The Serge Ferrari Group started the Solar Decathlon adventure with its first European edition held in 2010, in partnership with the Rhône-Alpes regional group; this was followed by the inventive, complex ecological “Canopea” housing project, which won the competition in 2012. Solar Decathlon 2014 focuses specifically on 6 issues central to energy and ecological transition: Density, mobility, sobriety, innovation, cost and contextualization.

Social challenges shared on a day-to-day basis by Serge Ferrari, which offers today’s and tomorrow’s designers a wide range of flexible, lightweight composite materials providing high functional performance by:
• Reducing the weight of construction systems
• Reducing energy consumption
• Controlling natural light contribution
• Improving thermal comfort
• Optimising acoustic comfort
• Guaranteeing long-term aesthetic added value
• Limiting environmental impacts: 100% recyclable materials through the Serge Ferrari Texyloop® operational recycling network.

Serge Ferrari products are on view in 8 Solar Decathlon 2014 projects:
Casa Fenix – Valparaiso / La Rochelle – Chile/ France
Casa Mexico City – Mexico
Rhome for dencity – Rome – Italy
Ontop – Frankfurt – Germany
The Skin – Delft – Netherlands
YOUR+ – Lucerne – Switzerland
Philéas – Nantes – France
SymbCity – Madrid – Espagne

© Photos : Team Fenix – Team Casa Mexico –  Team Ontop – Team Atlantic Challenge – Team Rhome – Team Prêt-à-Loger – Team Lucerne


At your disposal

A project? A question? Around the world, Serge Ferrari sales and specification teams follow you in your projects. To reach your nearest Serge Ferrari contact, fill in the form "A project? A question?" or click on the map for contact information.
Who are we?

The Serge Ferrari Group

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The French manufacturing group Serge Ferrari is a leader in the flexible composite material sector.

As the inventor of Précontraint Serge Ferrari technology, we design and manufacture flexible high performence composite materials for architecture, yachting protection, industry, furniture, equipment protection, health, environment and visual communication sectors.

Précontraint Serge Ferrari patented technology


This technological leap forward enabled the fledgling company to very quickly make a name for itself in the field of composite materials.

Swiss made expertise


Serge Ferrari’s Swiss production unit expertise is long-time recognised in the field of speciality products requiring “Swiss Made” top-of-the range quality, innovation and technology.

Our commitments

Serge Ferrari’s sustainable development strategy: a source of performance

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Materials that meet major challenges

Serge Ferrari composite materials are specified by major international architects because their lightness, low physical density and performance characteristics all contribute to a sustainable approach to construction. These materials combine insulation, translucence, lightness, strength and stability. In particular, Précontraint technology provides them with the best weight/performance ratio and long-term stability, enabling them to be fully in phase with mankind’s natural resources challenge: to do better with less and for longer.

Texyloop: unique and operational recycling chain


Texyloop is:
• the polyester-PVC composite material recycling technology,
• an industrial plant located at Ferrare in Italy

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