Soltis FT 381 takes up a thermal and aesthetic challenge in Cartagena

  • Cartagena Hospital - Soltis FT 381
  • Cartagena Hospital - Soltis FT 381
  • Cartagena Hospital - Soltis FT 381
  • Cartagena Hospital - Soltis FT 381
  • Cartagena Hospital - Soltis FT 381
  • Cartagena Hospital - Soltis FT 381
  • Cartagena Hospital - Soltis FT 381
  • Cartagena Hospital - Soltis FT 381
  • Cartagena Hospital - Soltis FT 381

Project data

• Client: Horfasa
• Architects: Francesc Pernas - CASA Solo Arquitectos, S.L.P.
• Fabrication/Installation: IASO

  • • Serge Ferrari composite material
    > Soltis FT 381: Sandy beige 381-3123
    > Façade area: 9,000 m2

  • Santa Lucia University General Hospital in Cartagena, Spain is an ultra-modern 95,000 m² complex providing more than 600 beds and multiple high-tech facilities. It also incorporates a sports complex along with rest and leisure areas open to the general public.
    In deciding to clad the façade of this complex with Soltis FT 381, the architect opted for a high-performance global solution meeting project requirements in terms of thermal and light protection, enhanced internal comfort and a durable, aesthetic added value.

    Creativity at its purest

    The hospital’s south façade, clad with 9,000 m² of Soltis FT beige 381-3123, merges effectively with the surrounding semi-arid, hilly landscape. The material is in perfect harmony with the adjacent natural tones and features, asserting thereby its remarkable aesthetic integration.
    Soltis FT 381 also lines the main artery through the hospital, ensuring a similarly natural transition between the building’s exterior and its interior. The Serge Ferrari openwork material is installed on an apparently anarchic metal frame, which in fact embodies an inverted pyramid structure. This unique aspect is achieved by a perfectly designed assembly of more than 200 tonnes of tubes and and plates, to which the Soltis FT 381 is fixed. Light and flexible, the material hugs the intricate details of the structure without overloading it.
    Manufactured based on Précontraint Serge Ferrari patented technology, Soltis FT materials are extremely durable. They distinguish themselves by their exceptional dimensional stability: they remain durably tensioned without the need for specific maintenance. These materials offer outstanding structural strength and are treated to ensure their long-term durability in relation to aspect and original colour.

    Soltis FT 381: efficient thermal and visual protection

    The designers selected the most efficient materials in terms of energy performance within the framework of the LEED GOLD labelling system. Implementation of Serge Ferrari Soltis FT microclimatic materials was therefore entirely natural. They contribute outstandingly to the building’s thermal control by blocking up to 81% of the sun’s heat, depending on their colour. Their openwork design provides just the right natural light contribution, while protecting against glare. Their transparency allows one to maintain outward visibility and to thereby avoid the effects of enclosure to ensure optimum visual comfort.
    100 % recyclable through the Texyloop recycling network, Soltis FT offers significant reduction of environmental impacts associated with its end-of-life management.

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    Soltis FT: a full range of membranes for micro-climatic facades

    • Stamisol-FT-Facade5
    • Stamisol-FT-Facade3
    • Stamisol-FT-Facade1
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    With Soltis, the Serge Ferrari Group offers a range of openwork composite membranes for facades as well as waterproof, breathable membranes.

    This range's major innovation is that it embodies a comprehensive technical solution specific to facades.
    Composed of Soltis FT facade membranes and Stamisol Color coloured membrane, the range offers multiple finishing options through its scenic usage of light and 3D design.
    This solution is attractive because of its relevance, technical performance, reliability and durability. Soltis FT & Stamisol Color combination is the ideal answer to architects' and investors' requirements for modern ventilated facades.

    Soltis also offers an extensive selection of membranes for transparent and openwork facades, as well as for under-roof screening.
    The cutting edge coating technology of Stamisol breather membranes mean they work just like our skin: they breathe, protect from external aggression, control building humidity and thermal performance.

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