Soltis FT membranes adorning the Royal Madrid Golf Club

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Project data

• Owner:
Royal Spanish Golf Federation
• Architect:
Allende Arquitectos
• Manufacturing/Installation:
BAT Spain

  • • Serge Ferrari composite membrane:
    Soltis FT 371 white

    > Practice area: 900 m2 tensioned on 56 frames, each measuring 2 x 8 m
    > School of Excellence: 600 m2 tensioned on 80 frames of different sizes

  • The Royal Spanish Golf Federation’s Centre for Excellence commissioned the Cabinet Allende Arquitectos with renovation of its practice area and construction of a new building dedicated to the School of Golf Excellence. Both these facilities are embellished by material facades made of Soltis FT 371 composite membrane.

    “The practice area was protected by a building, open to the East to the golf course and closed to the West by an existing timber facade, which needed to be replaced. While this timber screen protected golfers from the wind, it obstructed the view and the perspective at the site”, explains Javier Tejera of BAT Spain. “To re-establish visual contact with the environment, while protecting players from the wind and conserving optimum practice conditions, the architect opted for a solution comprising a curtain wall made of Soltis FT 371 openwork membrane. Offering great flexibility and lightness, this Serge Ferrari-designed material transforms itself, as soon as it is tensioned, into a veritable shield ensuring long-term resistance to bad weather and possible impacts. Moreover, its 20% porosity guarantees excellent outward visibility, while limiting dazzle”.

    Harmony and Eco-efficiency

    Renovation of the sports complex included construction of a new building: the School of Golf Excellence located a few metres from the practice facility and designed to receive golfers for classroom lessons.
    Its large glazed areas ensure creation of light rooms, fully open to the exterior.
    Here again, Soltis FT 371 membrane was the natural choice for combining aesthetic harmony and technical performance. Soltis FT 371 effectively possesses advanced characteristics in relation to both heat and light control: reduced solar contributions in summer to avoid overheating and limit cooling-related energy costs, light flux control, while conserving outward visibility. “600 m2 of white Soltis FT 371 membrane was tensioned on 80 frames to clad the building facades. As in the practice area renovation, construction disturbances and duration were limited since the frames were custom fabricated and the material was tensioned at the workshop. Installation was rapid and the project has proven totally economical”, declared Javier Tejera.

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    Soltis FT: a full range of membranes for micro-climatic facades

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    With Soltis, the Serge Ferrari Group offers a range of openwork composite membranes for facades as well as waterproof, breathable membranes.

    This range's major innovation is that it embodies a comprehensive technical solution specific to facades.
    Composed of Soltis FT facade membranes and Stamisol Color coloured membrane, the range offers multiple finishing options through its scenic usage of light and 3D design.
    This solution is attractive because of its relevance, technical performance, reliability and durability. Soltis FT & Stamisol Color combination is the ideal answer to architects' and investors' requirements for modern ventilated facades.

    Soltis also offers an extensive selection of membranes for transparent and openwork facades, as well as for under-roof screening.
    The cutting edge coating technology of Stamisol breather membranes mean they work just like our skin: they breathe, protect from external aggression, control building humidity and thermal performance.

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