Batyline Keops: a new source of inspiration for indoor & outdoor furniture

  • Batyline Keops for indoor & outdoor furniture
  • Batyline Keops for indoor & outdoor furniture
  • Batyline Keops for indoor & outdoor furniture

Batyline Keops is a unique range of reversible webbing references featuring 10 different textures, 2 widths (40 and 50 mm) and a palette of no less than 49 colours. Offering 1,000 possible combinations, Batyline Keops is a source of inspiration in designing new collections of indoor and outdoor furniture and why not…. lamps, screen walls, mural coverings, etc.

Batyline Keops webbing interlaces in an infinite variety of geometries in harmony with every creation: colour combinations, subtleties of reversible weaves to give different thread counts on each face, depth effects, width combinations, original plaiting or braiding, etc. Designers now have at their disposal a sustainable material that can be sewn, welded, stapled or nailed.

Woven hemp fibres
Batyline Keops embodies Serge Ferrari patented Canatex manufacturing technology, which incorporates hemp fibre, cultivated sustainably near webbing production centres, in its composition.
This gives the material its distinctive mat appearance and feel, similar to woven natural materials, along with the skilfully controlled irregularity of its weaving.

Strength, durability, recyclability
In addition to its aesthetic qualities, Batyline Keops webbing is a reference on account of its unique characteristics, which ensure unmatched user comfort both indoors and outdoors.
Batyline Keops is flexible, lightweight, breathable, easy to clean, antifungal treated, UV- and fire-resistant.
Use of high-tenacity polyester yarn and a sheath thermo-fixing process ensure this material’s peerless performance characteristics and, in particular, its exceptional dimensional stability, which prevents “bagging” and any risk of deformation along with its high tearing strength and exemplary performance for outdoor usage.
Eco-designed and 100% recyclable through the Serge Ferrari Texyloop® network, the webbing references in the Batyline Keops range contribute forcefully to responsible design.

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Design and proven strengh for indoor and outdoor furniture

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Choosing Serge Ferrari composite materials prompts access to a universe of high technology and performance. Our materials and woven products are uncompromising in terms of aesthetics, comfort, durability and easy upkeep.

Our vocation is to meet your requirements in terms of forms and finishes, stretching ever further the limits of design.

Our designers are constantly abreast of new trends in every creative field: architecture, fashion industry, car design, consumer products, etc.
We offer you two matching colour ranges based on your furniture’s intended use, the making up constraints and your desired style.

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Batyline openwork materials applications

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Indoor and outdoor Openwork materials for seats, cushions, and upholstery (Lounge range exclusively)

Stamskin solid materials applications


Batyline, Précontraint Serge Ferrari patented technology

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Characteristics • High-tenacity polyester yarn • Sheath specific formulation • Précontraint Serge Ferrari patented technology • Optimised weave opening

Stamskin, Swiss made

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Stamskin allies unconventional aesthetics and performance for high-traffic areas thanks to its multi-layer coating and multiple treatments…
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