See and try Batyline ISO “Street Ladder Seats” at La Défense

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Project data

• Designers: Julie Brand and Francis Boissenin
• Aluminium structure fabrication: Sineu Graff
• Printing: Cervos Pub

  • • Making Up: Sarl SAHIN
    • Serge Ferrari composite materials:
    Batyline ISO

  • Winners of the 2nd “Forme Publique” bi-annual street furniture design competition, Julie Brand and Francis Boissenin have treated the public area by imagining ladders/seats that brighten up the urban landscape. On Paris’ Esplanade de La Défense, the young designers have erected three small ladders clad with front/back-printed Batyline ISO fabric to provide single seats, while other larger ladders offer standing seats.

    A concept imagined as a leisure invitation
    “For this second event, the bi-annual competition’s theme was “the plug-in, a principle involving extension of modules or furniture at their installation location.”, explain the designers.
    “How does one develop the base of the high-rise buildings to allow this area to create a threshold between private domain (high-rise employees who occupy these areas close to their offices) and the public (passers-by, inhabitants, tourists who also have access to this area)? We wanted to create street furniture that combined the specific needs of both passers-by and employees so that this public space could be shared by all its users. We felt that leisure was the most important point to be expanded because few developments allow for taking a fully relaxed break without moving away from one’s workplace. In the landscape, the “Street Ladder Seats” operate as a colourful signal, a leisure invitation.”

    Colourful, unusual urban objects
    The two designers’ project is based on seats and shelves supported by metal ladder-shaped frames, which bear on both the ground and the Place Iris courtyard facade. These structures enable installation of a Batyline ISO fabric forming seats. Batyline products were selected for not only their lightness and seating comfort, but also their exceptional resistance to climatic conditions and their durability. A humorous wink at this business area…… the large-size printed motifs recall those of a man’s tie magnified to landscape scale.

    Batyline ISO exhibits its outstanding properties
    • Faultless resistance to external conditions: unmatched resistance to UV radiation, damp, mould, extreme temperatures and frost
    • No deformation with usage: excellent material stability under tension (no bagging)
    • Very lightweight and transparent appearance
    • 100% recyclable through the Texyloop® process

    Crédits : Defacto

    These creations are on view and can be tried out until the 30th June 2015!


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    Composite materials for Furniture & Design

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    Selecting Serge Ferrari composite materials opens up a universe of high technology and performance. Our materials and fabrics are uncompromising in terms of aesthetics, durability and easy upkeep. Depending on the purpose of your furniture, your making constraints and the style sought, we offer you solid or openwork materials designed for your seats or coverings.

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    For your seats: let Batyline carry you!

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    Faithful to its quality and innovative values, Serge Ferrari offers you its collection of Batyline composite materials for your self-supporting (sling) seats. Its variety of weaves, multitude of colours, light play and reflections, novel sensations in terms of feel and comfort, are all potential forms of expression in your creations.

    • Batyline Iso
      Unmatched transparency and a unique palette of colours makes Batyline Iso the premier material.
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    • Batyline Duo
      The subtleness of Batyline Duo's finely shaded or metallic tones
      allows you to play with depth through the blending of its colours and material effects.
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    • Batyline Canatex
      Hemp fibre integrated into Batyline Canatex composition ensures this material's nobility and authenticity.
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    • Batyline Keops
      An innovative range of webbing featuring natural feel and matt appearance to give free rein to your imagination.
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    Coverings: choose Stamskin!

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    • Armchairs
    • Musée Reine Sofia - Batyline Lounge
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    • Aéroport de Lyon-Saint-Exupéry
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    For covering both indoor and outdoor furniture (cushions, sofas, chairs, benches, etc.), Serge Ferrari offers you composite materials of unique appearance and feel, to meet the most stringent requirements.


    • New Stamskin Zen
      Thanks to the intrinsic qualities of Stamskin technology, Stamskin Zen offers innovative design in conjunction with specific performance characteristics for you to discover.
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    • Stamskin Top
      Through a colour range embracing both the classical and the contemporary spirit, Stamskin Top is a material that is recognised for its strength and its capacity to meet all the requirements of contract furniture.
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