Anish Kapoor : Dismemberment Site: An incredible, gigantic red cone

Anish Kapoor created his first permanent monumental open-air sculpture in 2009. Alan Gibbs, a private art collector and patron in fact commissioned a work from him for his open air collection in Kaipara Bay, New Zeeland. 
Anish Kapoor thus designed a work that turns out to be one of the boldest tensioned light structures in the world.

Until that time Kapoor’s previous work had been created for internal open areas…. “sorts of empty boxes”. With “Dismemberment: Site 1” (also known as “The Sculpture Farm”), space is no longer a limit.

A Tensioned Composite Membrane Structure
85 m long and 25 m high, Dismemberment: Site 1 comprises a Serge Ferrari composite membrane stretched between two steel ellipses: two identical giant red structures, each weighing nearly 43 tonnes, while the textile weighs a mere 7.2 tonnes. For Anish Kapoor, these tubular sculptures are “colostomy pouches”. 
Dismemberment: Site 1 is a bright red, developed by Serge Ferrari’s R & D department in close collaboration with the artist. “It’s the colour of the inside of our body. It’s an internal red that externalizes itself in a way”, explains Anish Kapoor.

An Open Air Work: a Challenge to be met
Based on Précontraint® patented technology, the monumental sculpture is made from Serge Ferrari textile. It is designed to resist violent winds from the sea and the especially aggressive UV rays at this latitude. Exceptional dimensional stability, extremely high breaking and tearing strengths, reduced creep and high PVDF alloy surface treatment are all differentiating advantages of the Précontraint 1002 fabric used; these effectively guarantee the work’s aesthetic and structural durability.

Dismemberment: Site 1
Engineering and Making Up STRUCTURFLEX / COMPUSOFT
© Structurflex – Anish Kapoor


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