“Enlightened” renovation with Précontraint 1202 S2

  • Tennis Club Bourg-la-Reine
  • Tennis Club Bourg-la-Reine
  • Tennis Club Bourg-la-Reine
  • Tennis Club Bourg-la-Reine

Project data

• Owner:
Bourg-la-Reine Tennis Club
• Architect and Structural Engineer:
Spoutnik Architecture & Asteo BE Structure
• Composite membrane installation:
ACS Production

  • • Installation time:
    July/August 2013
    On-site operation by 8 ACS Production technicians
    • Serge Ferrari composite membrane :
    >Précontraint 1202 S2
    >3,800 m² roof area (36 x average 100 m2 modules)

  • Bourg-la-Reine Tennis Club (Hauts-de-Seine, France) has been spectacularly metamorphosed by removing the existing roof, a combination of steel decking and polyester sheeting, in favour of Précontraint 1202 S2 composite membrane, providing uniform, high luminosity for the five tennis courts.

    “The idea here was to adapt to the existing structure in order to avoid demolition. We therefore played environmental and financial cards, while conserving the original structure with its glued laminated timber arches, by adding steel arches to ensure a geometry compatible with a double curvature tensioned membrane design”, declared Spoutnik Architecture Agency Manager Yves Mahieu.

    “The project owner had expressed the wish to replace the steel decking, which was leaking, by a waterproof composite membrane. The morphological transformation of the roof turned out to be shrewd because, in the end, we achieved a pleasant translucence and exceptional natural lighting quality for players. We replaced the steel decking in the lower part and I think the building now possesses outstanding aesthetics” concludes the architect.

    The Précontraint 1202 S2 composite membrane was tensioned against steel tubes integrated into the roof frame by double lacing. The double waterproof seals were hot-welded on site.

    Advantages of Précontraint 1202 S2 composite membrane

    • Exclusive Précontraint Serge Ferrari manufacturing technology ensures the material’s dimensional stability and unmatched flatness. The membrane resists tearing and its back cloth, made of high-tenacity polyester yarn, guarantees its exceptional strength.
    • Its S2 surface treatment optimises PVDF (polyvinylidine fluoride) alloy performance and curtails pollution/dirt adherence throughout an estimated 30-year service life.
    • Lightweight, UV-resistant Précontraint 1202 S2 membrane ensures visual and acoustic comfort of players, while protecting them against bad weather.
    • Eco-designed and 100% recyclable through the Texyloop® process.
    • An estimated 30-year service life


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    Précontraint: High-performance composite membranes for lightweight architecture

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    The Serge Ferrari Précontraint range is the established reference in terms of durability for structures and buildings featuring fixed or removable membranes.

    Its structural characteristics are complemented by highly effective resistance to dirt and aging resulting from Serge Ferrari's expertise in PVDF-based surface treatments.

    Lightweight and durable, Précontraint composite membranes are also 100% recyclable based on the Serge Ferrari Texyloop® process.

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