Olympic Golf Course in Précontraint 1002S2

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Project data

Architects: Rua Arquitetos (Pedro Evora & Pedro Rivera)
Manufacturer: Tensotech

  • Serge Ferrari composite membranes:
    Précontraint 1002S2 champagne - 2 250 m2

  • Golf course uses Serge Ferrari membranes to harvest rainwater

    The Olympic Golf Course was designed as a permanent installation, meant to become a golf
    resort and teaching centre to help promote golf throughout Brazil and South America. Located just north of Lake Marapendi, it also houses the Brazilian Golf Federation. The architecture, designed by Rua Arquitetos, combines precision with balance, both qualities essential to golf.
    According to Pedro Evora, one of the architects, “the idea was to design a golf course and its surrounding infrastructure, ensuring they would blend into the landscape with minimal disruption to the natural environment, while integrating elements of contemporary architecture and traditional Brazilian references (screens, parasols, etc.).”

    To do so, they created a covered patio in the centre, serving the various buildings distributed around it and opening onto the course.
    The architects used a very light overhead structure to make the patio a point of reference within the building. The structure is covered with a stretch membrane that shields visitors from the tropical sun and allows the breeze to flow underneath, making it very comfortable.
    The structure consists of 14 modules, shaped like inverted pyramids, with a square 10.5-metre (34-foot) base, designed to harvest rainwater, which can then be reused to water the course.

    The architects have selected Serge Ferrari’s Précontraint 1002 S2 for its lightweight, durability and weatherproof performance, which they ordered in a champagne colour, as a reference to the course’s bunkers.


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    Précontraint: High-performance composite membranes for lightweight architecture

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    The Serge Ferrari Précontraint range is the established reference in terms of durability for structures and buildings featuring fixed or removable membranes.

    Its structural characteristics are complemented by highly effective resistance to dirt and aging resulting from Serge Ferrari's expertise in PVDF-based surface treatments.

    Lightweight and durable, Précontraint composite membranes are also 100% recyclable based on the Serge Ferrari Texyloop® process.

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