Peace Pavilion: an inflatable structure clad in Précontraint 902 S2

  • Peace Pavilion - London
  • Peace Pavilion - London
  • Peace Pavilion - London

Project data

• Architects :
Zündel & Cristea

  • • Serge Ferrari composite membrane :
    Précontraint 902 S2

  • Winner of the ArchTriumph 2013 design competition, architectural duo Zündel & Cristea imagined a large sculpture entitled the “Peace Pavilion”, which has recently been exhibited for a month at Museum Gardens in Bethnal Green, London. This double curvature inflatable structure, partly composed of Serge Ferrari composite material, embodies an ephemeral urban artwork.

    Its aim is to create a space for living and dialogue based on a theme of peace. This creation enabled Précontraint 902 S2 composite membrane to endorse yet again its intrinsic qualities: lightness, exceptional resistance to tensile variations and 100% recyclability.

    The winning design for Peace Pavilion was chosen from hundreds of ideas submitted from all over the world to an annual international competition with a brief to design a structure with the theme of “Peace” to provide an inspirational and interactive space dedicated to the importance and benefits of diversity and peaceful co-existence. The structure which measures approximately 4m in height and 62 m² in area, designed entirely with durable lightweight materials and inflated with approximately 47 m3 of air is mainly made with Precontraint 902 S2 composite membrane in association with a transparent membrane, polished Aluminium and wood. The Pavilion is expected to be sold after its summer exhibition with the hope that it will be exhibited by the new owners around the world.


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    The Serge Ferrari Précontraint range is the established reference in terms of durability for structures and buildings featuring fixed or removable membranes.

    Its structural characteristics are complemented by highly effective resistance to dirt and aging resulting from Serge Ferrari's expertise in PVDF-based surface treatments.

    Lightweight and durable, Précontraint composite membranes are also 100% recyclable based on the Serge Ferrari Texyloop® process.

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