Stamisol DW withstands extreme conditions at the Saint-Gothard Hospice

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Project data

• Altitude
2,091 m
• Architects
Miller & Maranta
• Carpentry/Installation/Contractor
Bissig Gebr. Holzbau GmbH, 7460 Altdorf

  • • Serge Ferrari composite material
    Stamisol DW

  • Architects Miller & Maranta’s restoration of the Saint-Gothard Hospice, founded in 1237, has been awarded the “European Heritage” label. The col itself is a passage that has been used for several centuries and has in particular contributed to the prosperity of the cities of Milan and Zurich.

    This historical place situated at the Gothard col in Switzerland has fascinated world famous personalities such as Petrarque, Goethe, Cavour or Balzac, to whom its rooms are dedicated.
    The Ospizio San Gottardo upgrading and restoration design team opted for green energy and the building is heated by a new generation heat pump and has been rebuilt integrating a reinforced envelope to resist the rugged climate.

    This hotel located at very high altitude (2,091 m) required the use of an under-roof membrane suited to extreme, high mountain conditions.
    The choice of STAMISOL DW composite membrane was natural, based on this material’s excellent reputation for robustness in the high Alps.

    STAMISOL DW membrane, offering particularly high strength and exceptional service life, ensures a structural protection function in the long term. It resists the extreme conditions prevailing at high altitude: rain, wind, snow, freezing and thawing actions, as well as indirect exposure to intense UV radiation. Its installation prevents any penetration of icy air and ensures high energy efficiency of the insulation system.
    STAMISOL DW is both watertight and breathable, and also ensures evacuation of water vapour to the exterior, thereby avoiding condensation within the insulation system.


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    With Stamisol, the Serge Ferrari Group offers a range of openwork composite membranes for facades as well as waterproof, breathable membranes.

    The cutting edge coating technology of Stamisol breather membranes mean they work just like our skin: they breathe, protect from external aggression, control building humidity and thermal performance.

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