The Kong Bar-Restaurant : «Soltis 92: an obvious choice»

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Project data

• Main Contractor for the Kenzo building: Belle Jardinière (LVMH Group)
• Architect: Jean-Jacques Ory Studio d’Architecture
• Project Manager: Benoist Fontaine
• Manufacturer / installer: CYB Stores

  • Serge Ferrari composite screens :
    > Soltis 92
    > Color, Alu 2045: unique metal look
    > Surface: 100 m²
    18 outside blinds (1.5 x 4m)

  • A new building juts out between the Belle Jardinière property and the Samaritaine depart-ment store in Paris; it’s the 8-floor Kenzo Building, completely revamped by the Jean-Jacques Ory Studio. The block’s crowning glory is the two floors of the Kong bar-restau-rant, by designer Philippe Starck. The building’s old zinc roof has been transformed into a huge Zeppelin-like glass roof providing patrons with an exceptional view over the banks of the Seine. But the essential outside solar protection scheme is just as exceptional!

    An outsize challenge

    “It’s simple… being in the Kong is like being in an airship. Totally sublime.” “In the evening you get the rays of the setting sun on your left as you gaze out over the Seine,” says one client.
    It was a hefty challenge though for CYB Stores who carried out the installation. What solar protection to choose that would ensure suitable heating and lighting comfort for the ultra-technical glass-roof-Zeppelin while maintaining good visibility to the outside?
    “As Soltis 92 respected all the requirements of our specifications it was the obvious fabric choice. Firstly, it meets the calorific requirements of the glass roof. It also blends in perfectly with the roof’s prevailing gray zinc environment thanks to its metal look that changes color with the viewing angle”, according to Benoist Fontaine, Project Manager at the Jean-Jacques Ory Studio.

    An esthetic heat shield

    The 100 square-meter glass roofing is protected by 18 blinds fitted with Soltis 92. Soltis high-tech performances can be explained by some unique technical characteristics. Soltis micro-aerations for example regulate the sun’s thermal effects. When fitted to the outside of glazing, Soltis 92 absorbs and rejects up to 97% of the sun’s heat. The dreaded greenhouse effect found in this type of public space has been avoided. The use of air-conditioning is limited and energy costs are reduced.


    “With its breath-taking view and perspective the glass screens is irresistible. From there on, sacrificing visibility to the outside in favor of a solar protection system just wasn’t envisioned,” Benoist Fontaine explains. Soltis 92 is a remarkable screeens that protects spaces from prying eyes while offering an exceptional degree of transparency.There’s just no feeling of being closed in. What’s more Soltis manages light flow in a way that guarantees visual comfort and a comfortable indoor atmosphere. The light transmission coefficient of the Kong is thus only 6%. All aggressive lighting is eliminated.


    Soltis 92 screens are absolutely unique. As you change your viewing angle the colors change too—from red to green, from gray to blue—producing an archi-tectural runover of the facades and roofs of Paris. History is being rewritten through inno-vative, heritage-respecting solutions.

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