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Project data

• Architects
Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas
• All-trades Design Consultant
Betom Ingénierie
• Manufacturer– Installor
Metab (93)

  • • Serge Ferrari composite screens
    Soltis 99 and Soltis 92

  • Visual comfort, Thermal comfort, Design.
    Three essential solar protection hallmarks of the Serge Ferrari Group, which stand out so clearly today in building façades and interior design at France’s National Archives in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine.

    Housing mainly State archives since 1790, the architectural boldness of this temple of remembrance excites through volumetric and functional separation within two separate buildings. The first – an imposing, reflecting aluminium-clad concrete monolith – juxtaposes the second – light and transparent – featuring superposed satellites. Linked by walkways, these two entities share a common geometrical pattern: a diamond.

    Soltis 99 interior blinds
    In the “monolith” – a high-rise building housing 220 archive repositories – the glazed ground-floor reading room (open to the public) is fitted with 44 very high blinds made up of mainly 2.40 x 9.00 m, with some 1.00 x 9.00 m to 1.20 x 3.10 m, Soltis® 99 composite screens.
    In the “satellites”, 160 blinds made up of Soltis 99 composite screens have been installed at ground level in satellites A – B – C, embracing both tertiary areas and rooms open to the public. These are all of one size, namely 1.20 x 5.00 m.

    The Soltis 99 screen – front/back single colour version – filters the heat and light, while contributing its decorative touch.
    This lightweight, durable, 100% recyclable composite screen ensures controlled lighting and optimum visual comfort for computer users. Soltis 99’s carefully balanced openings provide maximum protection from the light flux.
    These interior blinds are not guided and their roller shafts are housed in a recess with a removable bottom panel.

    Soltis 92 exterior blinds in “satellites”
    450 Soltis 92 composite screen blinds shroud the satellite elevated walkways which mainly accommodate staff offices for both archiving and administrative activities. Blind dimensions are 2.70 x 3.10 m – 2.40 x 3.10m- 1.80 x 3.10m and 1.20 x 3.10 m.

    Soltis 92 contributes to the architectural identity of these satellites by “bringing their facades to life”. The micro-perforated, composite screen plays a part in reducing building energy consumption. It is a veritable heat shield, in that it absorbs and dissipates up to 97% of the thermal energy.

    Lightweight, durable and 100% recyclable, Soltis 92 guarantees dazzle-free transparency. It conserves the occupants’ intimacy, while providing enjoyable outward visibility.

    Manufactured based on exclusive Précontraint Serge Ferrari® technology, Soltis 92 and Soltis 99 composite screens are kept under tension throughout their entire manufacturing cycle. As a result, they deform neither during installation nor in usage, while combining thinness, dimensional stability, strength and durability.

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    Soltis composite screens enable solar protection specialists to meet confidently the most varied, demanding specifications of both professionals and private owners.
    Manufacturing based on exclusive patented Serge Ferrari Précontraint technology, certified NF Toiles (French standard for screens) 100 % recyclable, based on Texyloop®, Soltis is the solar protection technical screen par excellence.

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