Indoor Hall blinds : SOLTIS 86

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Soltis 86 composite screens provide an excellent balance between light control and heat protection.

• Openwork feature provides better visibility to the outside,to reduce air-conditioning consumption
• Up to 86% of solar radiation is blocked, thereby optimizing the building’s général thermal management
• Harmonised ranges
All Soltis 86 colours are coordinated with Soltis 92 to:
> coordinate all facades of a building,
> satisfy visual comfort requirements for each facade orientation,
> regulate thermal protection to provide energy savings.
• Considerable resistance and dimensional stability, for a lightweight and thin product achieved with the Precontraint Serge Ferrari technology
• 100 % recyclable using the patented process Texyloop®
• NF Toiles (French fabric norms) certification
• LCA and FDES (Environment and Health Data Sheet) available on request.

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Soltis composite screens enable solar protection specialists to meet confidently the most varied, demanding specifications of both professionals and private owners.
Manufacturing based on exclusive patented Serge Ferrari Précontraint technology, certified NF Toiles (French standard for screens) 100 % recyclable, based on Texyloop®, Soltis is the solar protection technical screen par excellence.

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