Serge Ferrari provides natural sun protection in Antalya Expo 2016

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Project data

Architect: Arti Architecture project–Ankara
Contractors: ILBAY –MONI –TACA
Fabricators: Tensaform –İstanbul Tente

  • Serge Ferrari composite materials:
    Soltis 86, Soltis W96, Soltis FT 381, Stam 6002, Précontraint 502

    Total surface: 37,500 m2

  • Serge Ferrari’s beautifully functional, flexible composite material solutions were selected to build the Antalya EXPO 2016:  The Children’s Island, Peony Terrace, Botanical Park, facade arrangements and canopies all used a wide range of Serge Ferrari’s market leading products.

    Designing out the risk: exposure to the sun

    Several of Serge Ferrari’s market leading products were specified by ARTI Mimarlık ve KOBA Proje Mühendislik Company, for innovative façade systems, eye catching canopies and shading for bus stops in 8 different sections of Antalya EXPO 2016.

    Over 6,500 m2 of Soltis FT381 was used on the Children’s Island. By using this product as a canopy over the Children’s Island it allowed children to spend time outside without being affected by the heat and harsh rays of sun, creating healthy playgrounds in natural environments.

    Soltis 86, which offers a high degree of shading, was used in the Botanical Park canopies. The shades were designed in the shape of peonies, mimicking the floral surroundings, creating an interesting and colorful backdrop.

    A total of 37,500 m2 Serge Ferrari products were used at the Antalya Expo 2016. These included the Precontraint 502 Color used in lotus leaf shaped canopies with bright colors. Soltis W96, which combines functionality and graceful, fluid design, was used in bus-stop canopies. Finally, Stam 6002, which offers a vast range of colors, was used in a number of versatile shading systems.

    Cost effective building solution: a long lifespan with little-no maintenance

    Serge Ferrari products are easy to apply and are aesthetically pleasing, boasting stunning designs and bright colors. Offering very high UV resistance, these products protect guests from the harmful rays of the sun and provide shading without disrupting the natural environment.

    With a flexibility ratio of less than 1%, Serge Ferrari products allow materials to stay in the form they were first applied. They also reduce the amount of steel used, which enables efficient applications in large areas and reduces cost considerably.

    The ease of applying the products, their 100% recyclability, the ability to preserve their color for many years and to clean themselves with rain, make Serge Ferrari products the natural solution for expo areas and stadium projects.

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    Soltis, your obvious partner for solar protection

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    Soltis composite screens enable solar protection specialists to meet confidently the most varied, demanding specifications of both professionals and private owners.
    Manufacturing based on exclusive patented Serge Ferrari Précontraint technology, certified NF Toiles (French standard for screens) 100 % recyclable, based on Texyloop®, Soltis is the solar protection technical screen par excellence.

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