Soltis 92 screens protecting plants at the “Gardens by the Bay”

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Project data

• Architects
Wilkinson Eyre Architects
• Local Implementing Architects
CPG Consultants Pte Ltd
• Structural Engineers
Atelier One
• Building Services Consulting Engineer
Atelier Ten

  • • General Contractor
    Woh Hup Pte Ltd
    • Consulting Engineer
    Wade Consulting
    • Manufacturer
    Advance Canvas
    • Serge Ferrari composite screens
    Soltis 92-2051 screens: 25,000 m²

  • Gardens by the Bay is a project that has been awarded not only a Platinum rating in the Green Mark For Parks scheme (Singaporean equivalent of LEED), but also a World Building of the Year 2012 award at the World Architecture festival (WAF).

    The Gardens is home to two cooled conservatories :
    • The “Flower Dome”, which recreates the conditions in Mediterranean spring time (1.2 hectare and 38m high)
    • The “Cloud Forest”, which emulates the conditions of tropical highlands (0.8 hectare and 58m high).

    The conservatories benefit from an external solar protection system that is every bit as exceptional with its 25,000 m² of Soltis 92 screens.

    The conservatories feature astonishing specific characteristics:
    • Maintain the high light levels required by the plants within, while minimizing the associated solar heat gain inevitable in Singapore’s tropical climate
    • Dynamic nature of the completed building, with shades opening and closing in response to the changing solar environment
    • Distinct curved forms of the biomes generated from the geometry of a hyperbolic curve
    • Lightweight structure to minimize shadows cast onto the planting below

    The solar protection system in detail

    The external solar protection system integrating 25,000 m² of Soltis 92 screens was designed to ensure the comfort of visitors, limit solar energy contribution and reduce air-conditioning consumption.

    • 419 outdoor retractable blinds made of Soltis 92 screens are completely hidden beneath the building structural arches, when not in use. A cable system tensions the 8 x 12 m triangular blinds (average dimensions).
    • The automated, individual blind control system integrates an intelligent self-learning algorithm for adjusting the internal lighting level.
    • The shading reduces solar heat gain by more than 30% when partially deployed and approximately 70% when fully deployed. They can be deployed in an emergency to reduce solar heat gain inside the building.

    Soltis 92 advantages

    • Lightweight and flexible
    > No extra weight on building structure
    > Adapts to external envelope curved shapes

    • Structural strength
    > Resists pressures exerted by the wind

    • Long-term dimensional stability
    > Allows unusually shaped blinds that adapt to complex structural geometry

    • Heat shield
    > Prevents building overheating and reduces air-conditioning consumption

    • Light filter
    > Light conditions and dazzle control inside the domes, while conserving high luminosity for well-being of plants and vegetation

    • 100% recyclable through Texyloop
    > Environmental impact reduction
    > A decisive criterion for obtaining Green Mark certification.

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    Soltis composite screens enable solar protection specialists to meet confidently the most varied, demanding specifications of both professionals and private owners.
    Manufacturing based on exclusive patented Serge Ferrari Précontraint technology, certified NF Toiles (French standard for screens) 100 % recyclable, based on Texyloop®, Soltis is the solar protection technical screen par excellence.

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