Soltis FT P35: solar screens protecting Westin Hotel swimming pool

  • Westin Hotel - Soltis FT P35
  • Westin Hotel - Soltis FT P35
  • Westin Hotel - Soltis FT P35
  • Westin Hotel - Soltis FT P35

Project data

• Architect: Architects 61 Pte Ltd
• Manufacturing/Installation: Multimedia Engineering Pte Ltd

  • • Serge Ferrari composite material
    Soltis FT P35 - 180 m²

  • The 5 star Westin Hotel is located in Singapore’s business area, not far from the famous Marina Bay Sands casino.
    On the 35th floor of Asia Square Tower II, the Westin Hotel’s infinity swimming pool is considered one of the most spectacular in the city and overlooks Marina Bay.
    Rectangular shade sails made of Soltis FT P35 composite membranes have been installed above the pool, contributing to the facility’s aesthetics and ensuring outstanding solar protection.

    For this is a veritable oasis right in the city centre, the architect selected Soltis FT P35 composite material for its exceptional resistance to the sun’s tropical intensity, as well as the humidity and occasional bad weather in Singapore.

    A high-performance solar screen more than 100 m above ground
    Nine 5 x 4 m panels have been installed above the swimming pool.
    Offering high solar protection, Soltis FT P35 membrane filters UVA and UVB rays; it protects against glare, while maintaining just the right natural light contribution.
    Furthermore, the transparency of the Serge Ferrari material conserves visual contact with the site’s idyllic panorama.

    Soltis FT P35: Maximum fire safety
    Soltis FTP 35 is incombustible and is certified Euroclass A: it does not melt and hence doesn’t form droplets, when subjected to high temperatures. For this reason, among others, Soltis FT P35 is regularly selected as a construction material for facilities receiving the public (FRP) as both permanent microclimatic façades and solar protection modules.

    Soltis FT P35: enhanced aesthetic and structural durability
    Soltis FT P35 membrane is self-cleaning due to its high-performance surface coating: rain washes away dirt and atmospheric pollution.
    Lightweight and transparent, the composite membrane offers high structural strength due to its reinforcing glass fibres (stronger than steel filaments of the same diameter) and its Précontraint Serge Ferrari production technology, which ensures its exceptional dimensional stability.

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    Soltis composite screens enable solar protection specialists to meet confidently the most varied, demanding specifications of both professionals and private owners.
    Manufacturing based on exclusive patented Serge Ferrari Précontraint technology, certified NF Toiles (French standard for screens) 100 % recyclable, based on Texyloop®, Soltis is the solar protection technical screen par excellence.

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