Batyline Aw, an acoustic absorbent proves itself at Vaujany ice skating rink!

  • Vaujany ice skating ring
  • Tensioned ceiling in Batyline Aw
  • Tensioned ceiling in Batyline Aw

Project data

• Architect: ATLAS Architectes
• Acoustic Engineer: Génie Acoustique / Contrôle DB
• Manufacturer: Signa France
• Installation: Meunier SARL

  • • Serge Ferrari flexible composite material
    Batyline Aw white colour: 1,850 m2
    > Tensioned ceiling: 1,500 m2
    > External walkways and corridors: 350 m²

  • Vaujany, the Alpe d’Huez satellite ski resort, inaugurated its covered international standard ice rink for the Elite 2013 championship. Exemplary environmental quality underpins this this new sports infrastructure. The semi-buried ice rink features a fully green roof ensuring greater environmental integration and optimised temperature control. Batyline Aw membrane was chosen to provide greater indoor acoustic comfort.

    On the strength of its unique acoustic absorption coefficient of 65%, 1,500 m² of Batyline Aw membrane were installed as a tensioned ceiling above the ice rink and spectator stands, along with 350 m² ceiling and wall cladding in its external walkways and corridors.
    Batyline Aw’s calibrated micro-thread count ensures unique, intrinsic acoustic performance characteristics for such a thin, light and compact material.
    Its remarkable lightness and unmatched structural strength allow creation of large surfaces tensioned all in one without heavy supporting structures. Its superior dimensional stability also ensures the structure’s durability.

    This is a lightweight construction system, offering raw material savings and 100% recyclability. It is quick and easy to install, limiting construction time and disturbances.

    Batyline Aw: proven acoustic added value
    Vaujany ice skating rink’s acoustic map and performance calculations conducted by acoustic engineer Contrôle DB have confirmed the validity of the Batyline Aw solution.
    The acoustic ratio in fact proves that the Batyline Aw membrane has prompted a reduction in reverberation time of:
    • more than 8 seconds at low frequencies
    • more than 4 seconds at medium frequencies
    • more than 2 seconds at high frequencies
    In other words, an average reverberation time Tr of 7.7 seconds before acoustic treatment and of only 1.81 seconds after installation of the Batyline Aw membrane.
    Full acoustic report available on request.

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    Founded on 20 years experience, the Batyline composite membranes have widely proven their acoustic, technical and aesthetic performance characteristics: lightness, flexibility and freedom of shape, structural strength, material and light effects, strength in humid environments, acoustic comfort, durability, environmental quality, recyclability.

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