Batyline Aw reveals its acoustic qualities at Aqua-life, Zurich

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  • Aqua-life - Batyline Aw
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  • Aqua-life - Soltis FT
  • Aqua-life - Soltis FT

Project data

• Client:
Sportanlagen Faisswiesen AG, CH-Dietlikon
• Architect:
Jauslin+Stebler Ingenieure AG, CH-Rheinfelden/Fritz Planung GmbH, Freiburg
• Fabrication/Installation:
Gasser Fassadentechnik AG / Wehadeck AG

  • • Serge Ferrari composite material
    Tensioned ceiling: Batyline Aw
    > Area: 1 000 m2
    Facade: Soltis FT and Stamisol Color
    > Area: 400 m2

  • Swimming pools are very noisy places with reverberation levels that are harmful to user comfort. Absorbent materials used in swimming pool halls are required to perform under the extreme conditions prevailing in these very damp, overheated, chlorinated volumes.
    Batyline Aw takes up these two challenges of acoustic performance and long-term resistance in a demanding environment.
    With a life expectancy of more than 20 years, Batyline Aw acoustic membrane represents a sustainable solution: absorbing, on average, 65% of the noise without the need for other absorbent materials such as mineral wool or plastic foam.

    In common with many swimming pools, the Aqua-life aquatic centre in Dietlikon (Zurich) features large volumes and highly reflective surfaces that amplify sound reverberation: glazed areas, concrete walls, tiled floors and the water surface…
    To optimise acoustic comfort in these volumes considered difficult to control, the architect chose to install suspended ceilings, composed of 10 tensioned panels of ultrafine Batyline Aw material, above the pools. These approximately 5.7 x 18.3 m panels are tensioned between 5.7 m spaced concrete beams, creating a roughly 1 m deep plenum above the Batyline Aw panels.

    High-performance acoustic comfort

    Batyline Aw’s calibrated micro-thread count ensures its unique acoustic performance characteristics for such a thin, lightweight and compact material. Measurements and studies conducted by consultant GAMBA acoustique at Aqua-life have indicated a decrease of 2.4 s in reverberation time (from 4.0 s to 1.6 s approximately), thereby meeting normative requirements in terms of acoustic comfort in sports halls. An additional advantage is that the BATYLINE Aw ceiling ensures uniform absorption at all frequencies, allowing reverberation to be very uniformly reduced throughout the range of high-end, median and low-end sounds.

    Rehabilitation: A functional acoustic solution involving limited maintenance

    Batyline Aw thin, lightweight material adapts perfectly to existing dimensions and shapes. The Batyline Aw ceiling allows the plenum technical equipment to be concealed or integrated. Cutting of complex surfaces is easy and inserts or spotlights can be integrated into the ceiling. A major advantage is that the ceiling can be partly or totally dismantled to provide easy access to the plenum.
    Its weight transferred to building structural members is very low, its installation is simple and quick and construction interference is limited: 5 persons working for 5 days were enough to install 1,000 m² of Batyline Aw at Aqua-life.
    Batyline Aw acoustic ceilings are very strong and durable and, barring a particular event, they require no specific upkeep: the material is insensitive to damp and its 5 tonne/metre strength eliminates risks of tearing and deformation. It resists temperature variations, corrosion and microorganisms, thanks to its core antifungal treatment.

    Enhanced aesthetics

    Batyline Aw allows one to design slopes and curves, create complex shapes and implement very large unsupported spans.
    Batyline Aw is a material with a woven aspect, which is available in 12 contemporary colours.
    At Aqua-life, the white material reflects all the light rays to better extend them. It offers elegance and simplicity for sculpting the architectural volume by conserving the natural light contribution necessary to user comfort, while limiting artificial lighting usage.

    Standard and customised installation systems

    Batyline Aw is installed using lightweight systems that are easy to install and dismantle and are adapted to both new building and renovation projects.
    Frames, panels, islands, large monolithic surfaces with visible or invisible lacing, tensioned sails, baffles, etc….. Batyline Aw can be used to meet every aesthetic and technical requirement.
    Hence, the Aqua-life tensioned ceiling implements panels tensioned from a visible peripheral restraint system. The acoustic membrane is connected to peripheral supporting sections using Batyline Silicord patented elastic cable, a silicone cord protected by a sheath woven from Batyline yarn, which guarantees uniform long-term tension, high mould resistance and inflammability.

    Batyline Aw characteristics
    • High acoustic absorption performance
    • Lightweight building system: only 600 g/m²
    • Little interference during site work: easy to install
    • Service life of more than 20 years in damp environments
    • Woven aspect, 12 colours, customisable by digital printing
    • Lightweight
    • Robust (breaking strength 5 T/m)
    • Very large unsupported spans
    • Insensitive to dampness, chlorine and microorganisms
    • Zero maintenance
    • DTU 58.2 certification available
    • Environmental health declaration available for HEQ benchmarking
    • 100% recyclable: Texyloop® patented process
    • 10-year warranty

    Serge Ferrari also clads the Aqua-life facade!

    Within the scope of Aqua-life renovation, the building’s façade was fitted with new external insulation integrating a Stamisol Color waterproof breathable membrane combined with Soltis FT 381 openwork flexible composite material: an ideal answer to architectural expectations in terms of a modern ventilated facade.

    Stamisol Color
    Stamisol Color waterproof breathable facade membrane works like our skin: it breathes, protects from external aggression and acts as a regulator in relation to humidity and the building’s thermal performance. Stamisol Color is waterproof and breathable in the long term: it is insensitive to the effects of time even in extreme conditions. 10-year warranty is provided.

    Soltis FT 381
    A flexible, lightweight openwork material, Soltis FT 381 is an architectural component in its own right. It proclaims the building’s personality with its Azur blue colour forming an appropriate background to the digitally printed “Aqua-life” logo. The micro-climatic façade extends to the full height of the building frame, giving a streamlined perspective that refines cubic outline of the existing structure.
    In parallel with its aesthetic added value, Soltis FT 381 composite membrane asserts its thermal performance characteristics. Ensuring full static solar protection, Soltis FT 381 acts on the building’s thermal control by blocking up to 81% of the sun’s heat (depending on the colours used). Note: the Serge Ferrari material allows natural light to enter, while protecting against glare.

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    Founded on 20 years experience, the Batyline composite membranes have widely proven their acoustic, technical and aesthetic performance characteristics: lightness, flexibility and freedom of shape, structural strength, material and light effects, strength in humid environments, acoustic comfort, durability, environmental quality, recyclability.

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