Swimming-pool tensioned ceiling
Batyline Aw & Silcord

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A lightweight, high-resistance textile
• lightweight and flexibility
• high degree of mechanical resistance enables large spans,
• excellent resistance in humid and chlorinated conditions
• guaranteed long life
• acoustic performance: an openwork weave structure covers the absorbent material while maintaining its sound absorption features
• technical elements are hardly visible while remaining efficient
• 100% recyclable using the process Texyloop®

Tensioning system adapted to site requirements
• tension is made by lacing using SILCORD®
• tension uniformity
• guaranteed resistance to corrosion and fungal attacks

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Founded on 20 years experience, the Batyline composite membranes have widely proven their acoustic, technical and aesthetic performance characteristics: lightness, flexibility and freedom of shape, structural strength, material and light effects, strength in humid environments, acoustic comfort, durability, environmental quality, recyclability.

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