Batyline XP 55 tensioned ceiling: a wave train at Mantes-La-Jolie Aqua Centre

  • Mantes-la-Jolie Swimming pool - Batyline Aw - Agence Search
  • Mantes-la-Jolie Swimming pool - Batyline Aw - Agence Search©-Michel-Denancé
  • Mantes-la-Jolie Swimming pool - Batyline Aw - Agence Search©-Emile-Dubuisson
  • Mantes-la-Jolie Swimming pool - Batyline Aw - Agence Search©-Michel-Denancé

Project data

• Maîtrise d'ouvrage : CAMY (Communauté d’agglomération de Mantes en Yvelines)
• Architects: Agence Search

  • • Serge Ferrari composite materials:
    Batyline XP55

  • Architectural agency Search decided to clad the underside of the roof with a tensioned ceiling made of Batyline XP 55 composite membrane in order to reproduce internally the external wave form of the Mantes-La-Jolie Aqua Centre design. This flexible, robust material takes up the structure’s dynamic architecture and creates modulations in height and volume to identify and single out its three component entities: the sports pool, the play pool and the paddling pool.

    Batyline XP 55 embodies the wave concept
    Wave architecture underpins the Mantes-La-Jolie Aqua Centre concept. Its wave train composition has been faithfully reproduced above the pools by installing 700 m² of Batyline XP 55 membrane. This composite material is effectively superposed above the water surfaces, which sometimes reflect thereon the light of the sky, sometimes images originating in the outdoor environment.
    “The water theme is the project’s unifying element”, explains the architect. “Reproducing the wave form on different scales and subjects is an explicit reference to the aquatic element. It expresses the very essence of the facility from this angle. The apparent simplicity and repetitive nature of the curved outline represents a powerful identifying factor for the aqua centre. It effectively asserts its identity.”

    Batyline XP 55: lightness and aesthetic enhancement
    Batyline XP 55’s distinctive features are its lightness, flexibility and strength.
    It is ideally suited to creating complex surfaces, large areas tensioned all in one, cut-outs and large spans unsupported by heavy structural systems.
    Batyline XP 55 plays on its material effects and transparency and Offers a totally different aspect depending on the viewing point: high transparency in a vertical position, material effect from a shallow horizontal viewing angle and plenum occultation at ceiling level.

    Batyline XP 55: Special smoke extraction characteristic
    With a calibrated porosity of 55% and 12 x 15 mm openings, ceilings made of Batyline XP55 membrane fully meet the requirements of regulations governing smoke extraction in public areas (IT246).

    Batyline XP 55: a strong, durable, functional membrane
    Batyline XP 55 openwork composite membrane requires no specific maintenance operation:
    • It is insensitive to dampness
    • It’s openwork structure curtails condensation
    • It resists corrosion and microorganisms: core antifungal treatment
    • It guarantees long-term tension conservation.

    Batyline tensioned ceilings occult or integrate plenum-installed technical systems with no risk of tearing or deformation:
    • Easy cutting of complex areas
    • Partial or total removability for easy access.

    This is a lightweight construction system, offering raw material savings and 100% recyclability. It is quick and easy to install, limiting construction time and disturbances.

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