Texyloop transforms advertising banners JCDecaux raw material

  • Texyloop converts JCDecaux advertisement fabrics into raw material
  • Texyloop converts JCDecaux advertisement fabrics into raw material

Outdoor communication world leader JCDecaux (street furniture, large format displays and airport advertising) places sustainable development at the very heart of its concerns. JCDecaux has decided to place its trust in the Texyloop process, Serge Ferrari’s operational recycling network, in relation to managing its advertising fabrics’ end of life and accompanying advertisers, increasingly committed to sustainable approaches.

This represents a strategic issue for JCDecaux since communication support usage is short-lived by definition, while its constituent material is very long-lived! Implementation of an efficient, operational solution is therefore essential.

An innovative, unique process

Different recycling technologies have been studied: from the most simple, involving only shredding, to the most demanding and absolute.
The Texyloop process was a natural choice because it offers a second life to materials used by JCDecaux through conversion into second generation raw materials. The unwoven polyester fibres and PVC granules resulting from Texyloop processing enter effectively into the composition of products as varied as impervious membranes, car bumpers or fenders, soles, hoses, polyester yarns and textiles, unwoven materials for insulation and filtration, and certain Serge Ferrari composite materials.

An operational partnership

A stringent specification has been drawn up in relation to logistical requirements: collection, very strict acceptance criteria, material reception monitoring records, recycling effective within 6 months. JCDecaux has entrusted Texyloop with over 30 tonnes of fabric for recycling since the start of this partnership, beginning 2013. After inspection, weighing and shredding in France, the material is transformed at the Texyloop® recycling facility in Italy, where the new raw materials start their life.
“This voluntary approach embodies one of JCDecaux’s major commitments: we wish to exceed our customers’ expectations. The global, open approach enshrined in Texyloop®, whose operational sites we have visited, ensures real product traceability and convinced us to establish this partnership entirely at our cost”, explain Virginie GATIN, JCDecaux Sustainable Development and Quality Manager

Significantly reduced impacts

Based on Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) conducted by environmental consultant EVEA, a comparative environmental impact study implementing various end-of-life management scenarios (burial, incineration) shows that the Texyloop solution generates the following savings:
• 7,000 m3 of water
• 58.8 tonnes of CO2



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Products and applications

Both near and far, our materials display your messages in HD !

  • Serge-Ferrari-composite- material-for-printing
  • Serge-Ferrari-composite- material-for printing

Serge Ferrari materials are suited to digital or serigraphic printing techniques using the most common or sophisticated inks in Wide and Super Wide formats.

• The extreme whiteness of the materials, the matt or gloss look, the quality of the varnish and the range's texture, open-working and technical characteristics all optimise results and general impressions.
• Exclusive Serge Ferrari Précontraint technology guarantees the absence of curling, along with exceptional flatness and long-term stability that has no equal on the market.
• The Serge Ferrari materials offer significant productivity gains: less machine configuration time, rapid colour setting, ease of loading bolts and different packaging according to usage (cardboard boxes, PE film, crates, etc.)
• The Serge Ferrari materials are 100 % recyclable.
More about Texyloop

Which materials for which applications ?

Use the selection criteria to find the Serge Ferrari materials recommended for your project.
  • Lightweight and elegant
  • Does not suffer from edge curl
  • Matt finish with very low level of light reflection
  • Top-of-range pearly appearance in PEARLY
  • Black rear face in BW
  • M1/B1 fire rating
  • Printing front or back
  • One gloss face, one matt face
  • M1 fire rating
  • Matt appearance
  • High strength
  • Micro-perforated composite material to suit your printed creations
  • Totally even finish: greater image recognition
  • Lightweight and elegant
  • BACKING PAPER version available
  • M1/B1 fire rating
  • Micro-perforated composite material to suit your printed creations
  • Totally even finish: greater image recognition
  • Lightweight and elegant
  • M1/B1 fire rating
  • No “curling”
  • High opaqueness for your interior designs
  • Printable both sides
  • EXPOLIT B652: M2/B1 fire rating
  • EXPOLIT B501: M1 fire rating
  • Textile material appearance
  • Back-lighting
  • Very lightweight
  • M1/B1 fire rating
  • Adhesive composite material: sole patent
  • Ease of installation, reposition, and remove
  • Excellent printability due to smooth print face
  • M1/B1 fire rating, F3 smoke rating
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Serge Ferrari Précontraint Technology

Serge Ferrari Précontraint technology: outstanding performances

  • montage-roll-up

• Exceptional strength and flatness

Schema_Precontraint_Serge Ferrari Technology

The patented Serge Ferrari Précontraint technology maintains the material under
tension throughout the whole manufacturing cycle. This technology gives textiles major differentiating advantages: the material is extremely tear-proof, it does not wrinkle and offers exemplary flatness.

• No Curling

Classical textile

Précontraint composite material


The Serge Ferrari Précontraint technology guarantees no edge curl on roll up or hanging banners thanks to the textile exceptionnal dimensional stability and flatness.

• Greater coating thickness to facilitate printing and manufacturing

Serge Ferrari materials behaviour is exemplary during printing and use due to a greater coating thickness over the surface of the threads.. The specific surface treatments and the quality of the fabrics guarantee not only an exceptional colour rendering but also noticeable productivity gains.

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