Serge Ferrari and Tara: a partnership that resists extreme cold

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In May 2013, the Tara expedition schooner took to the ocean for several months of navigation in the Arctic: 25,000 km would be covered to study the marine polar environment for scientific and educational purposes.

Particularly sensitive to environmental issues, it was again natural for Serge Ferrari to renew its commitment, as a partner in the Tara Oceans initiative since 2009, by accompanying the expedition vessel’s crew in navigating around the Arctic Ocean via its perilous North-East and North-West Passages. Serge Ferrari has therefore supplied the high-performance composite materials required for fitting out the expedition vessel.

Just a few days before the vessel’s arrival in Lorient, France, we take this opportunity to recall, all too briefly, more than seven months of polar navigation.

After reaching the North Cape and crossing the Arctic ice floes, Tara travelled through Western Siberian and Greenland waters before navigating in an ice-packed sea, when negotiating the difficult North-West Passage.
In today’s snow and with its main deck covered with ice, the schooner left the waters of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon and headed for Lorient, in far-away Brittany, where it is expected to arrive on the 7th of December.

Subjected to extreme climatic conditions and intensive daily usage, Serge Ferrari composite membranes have successfully protected the expedition equipment and offered real comfort to Tara’s 14 crew members.

Protective covers and full canopies over the two auxiliaries were made from Serge Ferrari Stamoid Light composite membrane, chosen for its lightness and strength.
A cockpit extension tent was installed to protect the crew from the cold and appalling weather. Serge Ferrari Stamoid Top composite membrane, selected for its robustness, was used for this structure.

A few days before the schooner’s return, Tara expedition seaman Nicolas de la Brosse shared his impressions of the resistance and benefits provided by Serge Ferrari composite membranes:

“The full canopies of the Tara auxiliaries are in good general condition after withstanding the harshest weather, which is all the more impressive since they had already travelled around the world for 3 years prior to touring the Arctic Ocean” explain Nicolas.

“As for the cockpit ‘igloo tent’, this remains in perfect condition; there’s really nothing else to be said! It’s good work, a great finish, robust. We received several severe gusts of wind and, on a number of occasions, huge waves that passed right over the boat and, despite this, it sustained absolutely no damage. Conditions encountered during this tour of the Arctic Ocean (cold, waves and strong wind) severely tested the tent and it stayed rock solid”, pursued the seaman.

“The final test during this return crossing of the Atlantic will, as usual, be fairly tough!”, added Nicolas de la Brosse.

Serge Ferrari is proud to have helped the Tara Oceans Polar Circle crews to navigate in the best possible conditions and to have protected the expedition equipment in an extreme, icy marine environment.


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Professionals and pleasure boat skippers the world over appreciate the Serge Ferrari range for its exceptional service life, its UV and mold-resistance, its light weight design and its easy care and cleaning.

The Serge Ferrari Group produces innovative composite textiles, drawing on its expertise as a provider of unique technical textile solutions. From thread manufacturing to product recycling, Serge Ferrari is also the first company in its industry to commit to a comprehensive and global sustainable development strategy.

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Exceptional performance and service life

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Throughout the world, pleasure boat skippers and crews know that conditions at sea are highly unpredictable and that many elements in nature can cause stress and damage.

Serge Ferrari composite materials are woven from high strength polyester thread and feature a specific coating formulation for unmatched performance in the marine environment.

Lightweight, Flexibility
The "Cover" range textiles are exceptionally flexible,making themeasy to handle, fold and stow in tight places.

100% waterproof
For perfect protection of people and equipment, Serge Ferrari composite materials are 100% watertight. Their surface treatment makes them weather and stain resistant.

Serge Ferrari composite materials systematically undergo rigorous testing and receive excellent marks for resistance to mold, dirt and UV radiation.
Even after several years of intense exposure, they preserve their appearance and solidity if maintained as recommended.

Exceptional durability
Serge Ferrari materials do not deform under tension and are highly resistant to breaking and tearing. The Serge Ferrari Stamoid range is covered by a 5 or 7 year warranty.


Technological innovation and eco-design

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The history of Serge Ferrari Group is intimately linked to its capacity to innovate. An intrinsic trait of the Group is our pioneering research, bringing inventive and novel solutions to ever growing complex questions. Some of our newest successes are:silicone range, Nanotop, and Greentech.


Thanks to a controlled process of nanotechnology, Nanotop treatment, Serge Ferrari proposes to limit the maintenance products needed and to conserve the aesthetic quality of your equipment in weather.
This infinitely small and invisible barrier impedes condensation or pollutants fromstaying on the surface of the fabric.


• Eco-conception
Our team has information available, to enable you tomake a satisfactory choice, to give you all comparisons in ecological characteristics within our entire range of products.

• Collection and Recycling
We can assure an end of life that is clean, and can include the transformation of your textiles into new raw materials thanks to the Texyloop process. A new generation of textiles and accessories (recycled PVC rods) coming from the Texyloop process are already available.


Appearance, colours, feel and so many advantages for customising your equipment

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Whatever the design of your power boat or sailboat, Serge Ferrari offers a wide range of weaves, styles and textures, making it possible to coordinate the different textiles on board. You can choose from a unique array of colors, with a matt, satin or gloss finish depending on the application, enabling you to customize your furnishings and protective equipment.

With their remarkable flexibility, Serge Ferrari composite materials adapt to the most complex shapes and create the best look possible.

Shades of white
Serge Ferrari is the only manufacturer to offer such an extensive palette of subtle whites coordinated with gel coat colors: white, snow, cream, ivory, etc.

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