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The Serge Ferrari showroom

The Serge Ferrari showroom
Located in the heart of Paris, the Serge Ferrari showroom is open from Monday to Friday, by appointment.

This 144m² area, inaugurated in February 2015 in Cour du Bel Air (12th arrondissement), was designed by architects Frédérick du Chayla and Xavier Bélorgey to be a functional place to get together and work. It testifies to the extent of the Serge Ferrari ranges, presenting a selection of flexible composite materials in situation simulations in three different working areas, including one conference room.

Serge Ferrari showroom

The showroom layout is designed so that visitors can see and touch the fabrics in their original applications or in alternative uses. There are various types of blinds, with different mechanisms, acoustic solutions (tensioned ceilings and walls, island units, partitions, etc.), seats made from Batyline and Stamskin and a perforated façade illustrating different types of implementation. Visitors can also consult a huge library of more than 10,000 samples from the different collections and the ranges of colours available, as well as reels of thread.

Serge Ferrari showroom

An essential visit for decision makers (architects, designers, design offices) and Serge Ferrari partners, the showroom offers an opportunity to see the collections and to discuss requirements and projects during efficient work meetings organised with Serge Ferrari teams. The showroom manager draws on his expensive experience and product expertise to come up with solutions to fulfil all project requirements. A programme of events based on new products and exemplary achievements and a number of conferences are organised here throughout the year.

Serge Ferrari showroom
Cour du Bel Air
56 rue du faubourg Saint Antoine – Paris 12e - France
Metro station: Ledru Rollin / Bastille
Tel: +33 (0)9 83 61 79 65

Opening days and times:
Monday - Friday, 9am-1pm and 2-6pm